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Respect for Talent

      Talent is the key to the development of a company. Renjian regards talents as its biggest assets. We always make sure to provide a broad spectrum of development opportunities to talented professionals. We encourage healthy competition wihtin the company. Job promotions and other development opportunities are based entirely on employee performance and contributions relevant to their positions. 

      Our promtion guideline rewards dilligent and talented people. We also strive to minimize bureaucracy and rigidity by promoting top performers regardless of their gender and education.

      We respect talents. We do not only look at academic diplomas, but also value employees' ability to improve performance. We can fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of talents through establishing a fair competition mechanism and a collaborative culture. We want to invite creative talents who agree with Renjian's vision and cultural values, and have the adatability and cooperative spirit to embrace changes and innovations. 
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