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Ningbo Renjian Pharmaceutical Group Co; Ltd carried out good faith to do product, good faith to do enterprise activity
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In the special inspection of related drugs organized by the Drug Administration, the drug regulatory network carried out the investigation of hidden dangers of drug safety, such as hollow capsule pits with chromium exceeding the standard, strengthened the supervision of drug producing enterprises, and carried out the activity of "making products with good faith" in the field of drug production. In this activity, Ningbo Renjian Pharmaceutical Group Co; Ltd. actively participated in it. A comprehensive self-examination of enterprises was conducted. Enterprise sincerity is a part of enterprise culture construction. It refers to the formation, shaping and dissemination of the concept of enterprise sincerity in enterprise culture. Ningbo Renjian Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. strives to build a sincerity enterprise with its own characteristics.

In the first half of 2015, Ningbo Renjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. received flight inspection by Ningbo food and drug administration, FDA inspection and FK_US inspection by foreign customers. The inspection results were satisfactory. The company in good faith to do medicine, the idea of good faith sales, constantly improve themselves, promote their growth. At the moment when the rules for the implementation of the 2015 pharmacopoeia are published, approved drugs shall be subject to the corresponding requirements of the new pharmacopoeia from December 1st, 2015. Guided by the new edition of pharmacopoeia, the company has conducted drug analysis and testing in good faith, and coordinated the new edition of pharmacopoeia with honesty.

In recent years, China has a high proportion of generic drugs. At present, generic drugs are still the main force, and the development of medicine needs to be driven by innovation, which is the rigid demand of Chinese people's health and social development. In respect of medical innovation, the urgent need to establish implementation innovation achievements of market driving mechanism, in the research and development, the development way of thinking of people health pharmaceutical industry has a set of system, set up their own research and development laboratory, creating new methods, new ideas, good faith implementation of each research steps, to establish a mature production technology of new products and detection system, and make innovations to onto the road of market in time.

Human resources department, production department, quality department, sales department, R&D department and other departments work together, operative effectively. The personal in workshop site produce according to the process procedures, personal in quality department test the sample carefully. Each department can take the good faith as the instruction, completes the duty work.